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“I built a BRAND NEW product offering that has generated $25,000+ of passive revenue in less than 6 months!”

"We also doubled the amount HIGH QUALITY leads and conversions our business is generating each and every month thanks to Paul's program!"

“I transformed my side-hustle into a real business which allowed me to quit my full time job!”

"Regardless of your skill level or experience, Paul's program will teach you EXACTLY how to build an automated marketing funnel that generates a constant stream of HIGH QUALITY leads and sales for your business."

“I scaled my humble side-hustle into a REAL BUSINESS which is now the LARGEST bedding website in Australia!"

“I transformed my passion for teaching guitar into a profitable & scalable 
e-learning business!”

"Paul's program and coaching helped me transform my small online business into a full time company with staff. Our growth continues year on year thanks to our website traffic DOUBLING and then TRIPLING in the last 12 months alone!"

"After growing my YouTube Channel to over 200,000 subscribers I needed a system to help me transform those subscribers into high quality leads and customers. Thanks to The Elope Approach and Paul's coaching, I now have a scalable e-learning side-hustle which brings in over $36,000 a year!"

Becoming a student in Paul's program and learning from him is a MUST for any business that’s serious about succeeding online and in general.

"Paul's program is AWESOME. It’s extremely practical and easy to follow, and it takes you through the whole process of building your marketing funnel from start to finish (even if you’ve never built one before). I believe every single business owner on the planet that’s serious about generating leads and sales online should enrol in FUNNELS101… or at the very least, enrol their marketing staff in this program.

As you progress through the Modules, Paul helps you to clearly understand both WHAT you should be doing and WHY you have to do it. I've always believed that understanding the why is the most important thing because once you understand ‘why’ - you can then translate this understanding into other areas of marketing.

Thanks to Paul and FUNNELS101, I’ve learnt so much about marketing funnels and how fundamental they are to succeeding in a 2018 world and beyond. One of the most valuable things I’ve learnt is how to escalate a cold prospective customer (at the beginning of your funnel) and convert them into a sale (at the end of your funnel) without being sleazy or pushy in the process. I’ve learnt that good marketing is not about “Boosting a Facebook Post” or running some PPC Ads on Google AdWords – anyone can do that – but good marketing is actually about understanding your customer, listening to them, and most importantly, giving them value before EVER asking for something in return.

Overall, I 100% recommend this course to anyone that is looking to sell anything using this thing we call internet. And I’m not sugar coating this at all, I do honestly believe that becoming a student in FUNNELS101 and learning from Paul is a MUST for any business that’s serious about succeeding online and in general."

Clint Salter

I will be recommending FUNNELS101 to any entrepreneur or business owner I know with confidence that they will see results thanks to the content in this course.

"Paul has set an exceptionally high bar for digital marketing resources with FUNNELS101 [2.0]. The content presented is so thorough and detailed, while at the same time delivered in a way that makes it crystal clear for marketers at all stages of their business. There is no doubt that Paul knows his stuff, and I am so impressed at the depth he has gone to in each module while providing feedback and support to his community along the way.

I will be recommending FUNNELS101 [2.0] to any entrepreneur or business owner I know with confidence that they will see results thanks to the content in this course."


Once enrolled, you will be partnered directly with Paul Ramondo as your mentor over a period of 12 weeks. 

Each week, you will have a one hour mentoring session with Paul via Zoom where he will help you conquer the biggest pain points facing your business. In these high-intensity sessions, we will go through your business, identify high-value opportunities, and design strategies to supercharge your business’s growth and set the income on autopilot.

You’ll get the chance to 
ask me any questions you like
 about business, marketing, or how I make my hair look so on point on Instagram haha. These sessions will keep you accountable to your goals, to yourself and will act as a lifeline to ensure you can get unstuck before it’s too late.

All mentoring sessions are 
bespoke and specific
 to what you’re REALLY struggling with in that week (e.g. those struggles may relate to building your lead and sales machine or they may be related to other areas of your business in general).

All sessions are recorded and uploaded to your account so you can refer back to them in the future where needed.

As this is the first time I’m launching FUNNELS101 [2.0] X, I’m offering the first five students I mentor access to program for $1,000.00 less than it’s normal price point.


How FUNNELS101 [2.0] X and The Elope Approach Have Transformed The Businesses of Past Students:


“The Facebook Ads modules inside FUNNELS101 helped me generate FIVE figures in only TWO weeks!”

"I had been trying to make my online business work for six months and had zero success until I met Paul and enrolled in the FUNNELS101 training program.

Fast forward six months to now and I've completed the entire training and wow, the Facebook Ads training alone has helped me generate FIVE figures of revenue in TWO WEEKS.

Thank you so much for everything Paul, this training is incredible and I'm so grateful we've been able to cross paths in life. Thank you!"


Have built an automated marketing system which leverages The Elope Approach to attract, court and commit your perfect audience to your business

Have created a scalable business which thrives thanks to the consistent stream of revenue thank to the leads and sales being produced by your marketing system

Finally have escaped the work-hustle-burnout quicksand and reclaimed control of your business and life

After completing your 
90 day FUNNELS101 X  journey you will:

June 2017:

$165,338.41 of sales from $12,235.32 of ad spend in 8 days – an ROI of 1,351.32%

A small sample of results 
The Elope Approach has generated in the past:

September 2017 – October 2017:

$167,969.48 of sales from $14,649.76 of ad spend in 26 days – an ROI of 1,146.57%

December 2017 – February 2018:

$136,488.92 of sales from $11,363.95 of ad spend in 44 days – an ROI of 1,201.06%.

September 2018 – October 2018:

$136,395.16 of sales from $13,797.20 of ad spend in 26 days – an ROI of 988.57%.

September 2018 – March 2019:

$699,930.35 of sales from $64,007.27 of ad spend in 161 days – an ROI of 1,093.52%.

[ 90 Day Training & Mentoring Program ]

FUNNELS101 [2.0] X is a 90 day, done-with-you training and mentoring program for owners of client services and e-commerce businesses looking to build a scalable lead and sales generation machine and finally escape the work-hustle-burnout quicksand.

Enrol Now & You'll Receive:


In addition to the intensive mentoring sessions, I will also personally review your completed funnel at the end of the 90 day sprint. (Clients pay me $2,000USD for this alone.) 

I will look at every stage, page and aspect of your funnel, and give you a custom action plan to help boost the leads and revenue your funnel generates in the future.


Remove the hard work and effort of building your funnel from scratch and kickstart your digital marketing domination thanks to my Plug-n-Play Templates and Swipe Files.


The full set of 15 foundational modules underlying FUNNELS101, where I’ll take you from absolutely zero, run you through a crash course in digital marketing, and walk you step by step through the creation, deployment and tweaking of your very own funnel to get your business generating leads and sales (practically on autopilot).


Get exclusive access to a like-minded and like-hearted community of small business owners in the client services & e-commerce space who are completing / completed the FUNNELS101 [2.0] training program.



1-Time Investment of $3,997 (Save $494)


3-Investments of $1,497 (Pay an extra $494)