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Even if you’ve “tried marketing” before and it didn’t work (I can guarantee that you missed a critical part — and I’ll show you exactly how to fix it).

Even if you have no idea about all the tools and technology out there and how to use them (I’ll let you watch over my shoulder as I take you through step by step). 

Even if you’re afraid of “spamming” your customers or coming across as “too salesy” (I’ll show you how to make them LOVE hearing from you).

And especially if you have no real idea where your next leads will come from!

paul ramondo

Yo! It's Paul Ramondo, your digital marketing ninja!

And if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, blogger or marketer who has any of those worries I just talked about… well I’m about to give you all of your Christmases at once!

Because in 5 minutes you’ll know exactly how to solve all those problems… and more. 

And I’m also going to share five of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the past decade as a digital marketer — some of the stuff I would have paid big money for when I was starting out (and which I haven’t shared publicly before).

I like to think I’m a pretty good dude, so even though I could package these nuggets of value up in a course and sell them… today I am going to give you all five for FREE.

Plus, I’m going to let you in on a bit of a ‘behind-the-scenes’ marketer’s insight (about something you’re doing right now) that’ll really get your attention. But more on that in a bit. 

Anyway, if you’re here, you probably already know a bit about who I am and how I operate. 

But in case you just slipped in here, you might be asking: who is this dodgey Paul Ramondo dude, and why should I trust his crazy headlines about unbelievable six-figure profits?

Well, my mum always told me not to brag. But I want to tell you just a few things about me, so you know I’m not wasting your time:

  • I’ve got one of those “obligatory fancy pieces of paper” from one of the Top 100 Universities in the world, AKA a Bachelor of Commerce from UWA & UVM (but… to be completely honest… I don’t really rely on it too much 😉)
  • Over the past decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients across dozens of industries and niches — including a global luxury car brand (Porsche), a global energy drink brand (Red Bull), a global sports nutrition and fitness brand, a massive global hotel chain, an even bigger global primary goods and construction brand, and numerous other brands in the TV, hospitality, tourism, travel, finance, construction, marketing, home improvement, interior design, not-for-profit, trade services, fashion, streetwear, music festivals, events, exhibitions, conferences, self development and mentoring niches — just to name a few!
  • And last year I turned $5,989.09 into $163,969.49 using Facebook Ads… and then did it again by turning $16,365.38 into $251,374.87 in mid 2016 (screenshots below, ‘cause pics or it didn’t happen).

So I hope my results speak for themselves. All it means to you is that I’m not just some wannabe wasting your time — I’ve done this before, and I’m here to help you do the same thing.

Now like I said, if you’re here, chances are you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or blogger with some big, hairy dreams for your business.

Maybe you already have your own business, and you want to stop worrying about the stuff that you worry about every day:

Where do I invest my time so I have something to show for it?

I know I’m supposed to advertise online, but how come I got ZERO results when I tried?

Where are my next leads coming from?

How am I going to keep generating revenue?

Instead, you want to focus on the important stuff. Things like growth, hiring staff, boosting your revenue, achieving your goals, and solving the problems you originally started your business to solve.

If that’s you, I’ve got your back. I’ve grown my business from a one-man bedroom operation, to the six-figure automated revenue machine that it is today… 

...and I’ve learned a hell of a lot of valuable insights along the way. And any one of them (and I’m about to tell you five) could be worth tons of revenue to you this year.

Or maybe that’s not you. 

Maybe you’ve got a regular corporate job, and a side hustle you spend a bit of time on every week… 

...and you want to know how to get enough sales, make the leap and flip your boss the bird (if you want to). 

And if you’re anything like I was, you’re unsure about making the jump because you’re held back by all these limiting beliefs...

What if I can’t do it? 

Am I actually even qualified? 

Where would I even start? There’s so much to learn.

What am I gonna do if shit hits the fan? 

I totally feel you. Why? Well I've been there.

I’ve gone from working a comfortable corporate job, where everything was pretty damn simple (yet really FUCKING unfulfilling)... to being my own boss (and absolutely LOVING life)... so I know what it’s like to stress out 24/7 about things.

I know what it’s like to muster up the courage to make the jump... 

...and what it’s like to try and figure out the craziness of running a business after you do.

So basically, whether you’re already running a business or you haven’t quit yet, I can relate, because I’ve done it all myself.

And you know what? It’s a pretty crazy story, actually. 

Let me tell you how I did it.

How I Went From Desperate Employee Who Hated Mondays And The 9 - 5 Grind... To Full Time Entrepreneur Dominating Digital Marketing

I’m not gonna bullshit you. 

You know that typical rags-to-riches story you see from pretty much every other dude on the internet? 

Where it’s like, “I was living on noodles with $52.43 in my bank account and sleeping on my sister’s couch”?

Well... that is not me. 

I can’t relate to that kind of thing. Like, I don’t even fucking HAVE a sister.

I’m blessed and so very grateful to have come from an amazing family who invested in my education which allowed me to get a good job, and live a good lifestyle.  

So, this is not about that.

My story is probably a lot closer to yours. Because I’ve had challenges in my life, but I’ll be honest — I’ve actually had it pretty good. 

After all, when this all started… I was 25 years old, with a degree from one of the world’s top 100 universities.

I was in a cushy job, making about $80k, doing a bit of public speaking, and running a small business in my free time as my side hustle. 

I had an amazing team and even better boss... I had also been promoted twice in two and a half years.  

So on the whole, my life was pretty comfortable… I took holidays and time off where I pleased and pretty much was just cruising through life and its motions. And I guess, to anyone else, I was pretty much "living the dream"… YOLO'ing and all that jazz.

Except there was one small problem:

I hated every second of it.

It may have been a pretty cruisy lifestyle, but I knew I needed something more. 

Every day, I’d wake up miserable.

I vividly remember rolling over to my girlfriend every morning in bed and telling her I didn’t want to do it. 

I didn’t want to do another day of mundane, lacklustre, going-through-the-motions bullshit. I wasn’t being challenged, and I didn’t want to be ‘just another employee’. 

I was depressed with the idea of going to work and putting in another 8 hour day for a pay check — there was nothing fulfilling about that. I would have been more than happy to get less money doing something fulfilling, rather than getting a salary and hating every second of my corporate existence. 

I knew I could never make an impact or follow my passion if I was working for someone else. I desperately wanted to do my own thing… like more than I wanted to breathe (and breathing is pretty awesome).

I was so keen to leave and make a change in my life… So keen that I was literally counting up the dollars and cents in my savings account (which I’d been saving for years... in hopes I'd achieve the "Australian dream" of owning my own home one day)...

I would keep asking myself so many scarcity focused questions. How long could I make my business “work”, even if shit hit the fan? If I went through all my savings, and maxed out my credit cards, how long would I have before I ran out of money? 

I was full of self-limiting beliefs and crippling fears that held me back — doubts, fear of failure, imposter syndrome… you name it, I had it.

So even though I was nearly at breaking point, I just kept running through everything in my head day after day, never quite ready to make the jump.

Then one day, it was my dad, of all people… who gave me the last push I needed.

All he did… was ask me one simple question that put EVERYTHING into perspective:

"What is the WORST thing that could happen?"

I looked at him, and asked what he meant. 

(To be completely honest… I was really thinking:

“What the fuck are you smoking mate..? Is this supposed to be a rhetorical question..?”

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Umm… how about … EVERYTHING!?”

But I’m not an asshole, and he raised me with manners haha… so I kept my mouth shut.)

He continued…

“Say you do all this… you quit your job and you give your business goals a REAL shot....

What’s the worst possible scenario that could happen? What does that look like for you? Because once you can accept that, everything else is a piece of cake.”

And that’s when it clicked for me. 

I realised that my ultimate fear — my ULTIMATE doomsday — was actually pretty simple… and almost ironic given the conversation… 

The WORST thing that could happen to me if I gave it a shot was… having to ask him to move back in to my family home. (Yes I know, first world problems haha.)

Essentially… My ego would be VERY bruised, I’d have no savings or money left… and as a result, I’d be back to living with my parents…

...but I’d live. 

And that was what I needed to know. 

So I quit my job — and dived headfirst into building my first company.

I officially quit my full time corporate job on the 10th of September, 2015

Literally the night I quit, I started working full time on my business. And it felt FUCKING AMAZING — but it was hard work.

I took a self induced $47,500 per annum pay cut, paying myself a wage of practically nothing. I was working 70 to 80 hours per week in a tiny bedroom, which was basically a glorified shoebox, one quarter the size of my current office.

where i started my company

I literally had a double bed, a desk, a computer and a TV, and literally, no hyperbole, spent every waking and sleeping second of my life in my bedroom — either sleeping, watching TV, or for the vast majority of the day, working. (The only time I left my bedroom was when natured called or when I needed a much deserved break – where I’d spend time with my girlfriend.)

It was a pretty rough time. But it was also incredibly valuable.

I’d learned a lot of things from working in marketing for nearly a decade, and they proved VERY handy. (Just FYI... none of those things came from my “fancy piece of paper” uni degree, btw.) 

And I also learned stacks of new things from those many months of intensive, 80-hour work weeks. 

It all meant that, even though I didn’t have a lot of money yet, I’d learned some incredibly valuable lessons. 

And, like I’ll tell you soon, they were about to make me (and my clients) a LOT of revenue — and make my business more successful than I could have ever imagined.

But before I talk about that, I promised I’d share with you five of the absolute best of those lessons I’ve learned over the years... so let’s do it.

My Five Most Valuable Lessons To A New Marketer (Print These Out)

So if I could take young Paul Ramondo from five or ten years ago — or even from when I quit my job, since some of this is what I’ve learned since then — and I had 60 seconds to give him the most valuable things I’ve learned, this is what I would tell him.

(Btw, this is not “64 tactics to make $38.74 this year by selling ebooks on how to sell ebooks”. It’s powerful stuff, and smart business owners would pay good money for this kind of shortcut education. These are some of the exact lessons I have used to generate many multiples of six figures in revenue.) 

And I am not pulling your leg when I say that understanding these lessons will be incredibly valuable to you… and you should even consider printing them out and sticking them next to your desk.


Lesson #1: Always think of the opportunity cost of your time and money over the long term. 

If you can make a short term investment that costs liquidity or cash flow in the short term, but will very likely lead to long term prosperity, MAKE IT. 

For example, a reporting system that costs you $79/month, but saves you 4 hours per month reporting on clients. 

If you think about the value you get from making more money, or having more time to generate more revenue, the opportunity of that investment upfront is pretty much nothing because it just saves you time. 

I used to think that learning and doing everything all by myself was best because I was “saving money” and not “wasting money”.

Ironically… I couldn’t have been more fucking wrong. 

I would’ve learned much faster if I put the proper value on my time and opportunities. 

Let me give you the most beta of examples to illustrate this point...

Let’s say your time is valued at $50/hour. Therefore, 4 hours of work is valued at $200. (4 hours x $50 = $200). Therefore, by investing $79 in a reporting system that saves your 4 hours of work per month… you are effectively making an internal efficeincy gain of $121 per month… or… $1452 per year).

The lesson?

Always think of the hidden opportunity cost of NOT investing in something that’s proven — and that could save you time and effort you could be spending elsewhere.

Lesson #2: The idea that you need to act “professionally” in the workplace is bullshit.

When I started in the corporate world, I thought I needed to act a certain way, like a “professional”. 

No using emoticons in emails… LET ALONE in your marketing... because that’s not what “big boys” do. Wear a suit and tie every day. Conduct yourself in a certain way at work. AKA don’t be yourself.

But you know what? 

That’s all bullshit. 100% corporate, outdated, people-pleasing, irrelevant, bonafide bullshit.

If you buy into that idea of how you’re supposed to conduct yourself in the workplace, the irony is — you won’t be successful. 

People don’t want to do business with shells. They don’t want to work with someone they can’t trust. And people can tell if you’re being fake. 

This all sounds like Year 2 shit from primary school, but really — just be yourself. (Unless you’re a dick. Don’t be a dick. No one likes a dick.)

But if you’re working somewhere where you can’t be you, it’s probably not a good place to be working… let alone the RIGHT place for you to be spending the best hours of your week.

Look, I wear track pants and Nikes to work every day. I give keynotes to hundreds of people at professional, “corporate” seminars across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia wearing the EXACT same Nikes, cuffed jeans and black T-shirt I wear out clubbing on the weekends… because that’s how I roll.

And you know what the CRAZIEST thing about this is? 

My clients actually respect me more, because they know there’s no difference between “corporate” Paul Ramondo and Paul Ramondo a few beers deep on the weekend. He’s exactly the same dude... and I pride myself on that.

It doesn’t matter what you wear or do, as long as you’re comfortable and you’re being you. It’s not the 1960’s anymore, and it’s not the corporate world your father grew up in. 

Don’t be a facade. If you want to use an emoticon, use an emoticon! 😀 If you want to swear, then fucking swear. Just be real with people. Be authentic. Be yourself.

You’ll be respected for it, your business will grow, and most of all: you’ll have more fun.

Lesson #3: Never be cheap when it comes to your professional development.

One of my biggest regrets is not having taken more time to professionally develop myself. 

And not that I didn’t do it… I used to read books (not many though, because I HATE reading haha)... but I never invested in any REAL resources to learn the things that would help grow my business.

I don’t want to sound like “I wish I’d done this so you should buy my stuff” — but I honestly wish I’d cut my learning curve in half by just learning from the people who’d already done it. 

I did 100% of my learning myself… but holy shit, I wish I hadn’t been such a tightass, and just invested the money in myself!

It cost me so much to do it the way I did, because I spent so much time testing what worked and didn’t work. 

And If I were going to learn something new again today, I would just go find the best person in the field and buy their book, or their info-product. And pretty much every successful entrepreneur I know says the same thing.

Look, I don’t care whether it’s my shit or someone else’s. I’m not saying this so you think “shuttup and take my money!”

This is a legit piece of advice… and I really do mean it… 

Find the people who know what they’re doing… whoever they may be... and invest in their product. It’s the fastest way to get good, and it will save you a tonne of grief.

Remember, you are your business’s biggest asset. Invest in yourself like crazy. You’ll thank me (but ultimately… you’ll thank yourself) later.

Lesson #4: Brand is EVERYTHING.

Building your brand is something you should be doing from day one.

I wish I’d spent more time building my brand when I first started, as opposed to waiting a year or two like I did.

Instead, I should’ve started growing my brand by blogging, posting content, and helping as many people as possible. Because it all helps you to grow your brand organically and exponentially... it all compounds.

And when you want to actually start selling, it’s useful then too... because in your customer’s hearts and minds, your brand = goodwill and trust.

In fact, when you really grow your brand right, you’ll have people wanting to hear what you want to sell them — because they trust what you have to say.

Why are YOU here reading this right now? Why have YOU read my posts, or liked my stuff, or clicked my ads?

It’s because I’ve built the “Paul Ramondo brand”, and you connected with it.

If I were some corporate shell with a bullshit attitude and no personality, would you relate to me like you do with the T-shirt-wearing, Nike repping Paul Ramondo talking to you right now?

Of course you wouldn’t. You’re here because you trust my brand, and you think what I have to say is worth listening to. (And that means you’re one smart dude. 😉)

That should be every marketer’s dream. You want customers like that? Build your brand. 

And start building it today. 

Lesson #5: Business is not about making people “buy your shit”. It’s about relationships.

This is Paul Ramondo’s Marketing 101, and it relates heavily to the previous lesson: no matter what you’re doing, you need to build trust and authority with the people you’re selling to. This is the most important lesson I would want to teach younger Paul, or ANY business owner.

I’ll assume you’re a dude. You like girls, right? I love girls. Girls are awesome. (But if you’re into dudes, that’s cool too!) 😃

But even though I’ve liked girls for, like, ever… I really should have taken a step back when I was younger and audited myself. 

I should have looked at the way people go about the process of dating and courtship… and realised the subtle yet powerful symbolism that it represented for business.

What do I mean? Well, just like you can’t roll up on a chick at the bar and say “wassup biddie, wanna go home with me?”, you can’t roll up on your customer and say “yo, here’s my shit, you should buy it”. 

But even though everyone seems to know it doesn’t work for dating… for some reason, everyone fucking does it in business!

It doesn’t work. You need to get to know your customer. You need to “date” them. You need to “court” them. You need to build a relationship with that customer. Develop trust. Establish your authority. 

Because in just the same way you’d go about building a relationship with that cute girl you fancy at the bar… you need to do the “same” for your customers.

I’m pretty good at what I do now — but I’d be even better if I’d connected those two dots in my head sooner. I was never taught the process of marketing in a real life analogy that I could understand. And yet, it makes SO MUCH sense to me when I think about it in this way.

Everyone knows what the basic 411 is with dating, courting and relationships. And if you’re a human, it’s very likely you know what’s up. You know this framework. 

The execution might be different between meeting a girl at the bar and meeting your ideal customer — but the principles are the same. 

The truth is, nobody will buy from you if they’ve never heard of you and don’t trust you.

It doesn’t matter how much it costs. If they don’t see any value what they’re offering, and they don’t trust you to provide that value, you can’t just roll out some Facebook Ad and expect their wallet’s to magically open… Just like you can’t roll up on a girl at the bar and expect her to go home with you.

Either way, you’d just be pissing away your money… and probably offending people in the process.

If you never lose sight of the fact that business is about the relationship between you and your customers — you’ll never go wrong in your marketing.

How I Used Those Lessons To Generate $251,374.87 Of Sales In 32 Days

So remember I said those lessons were worth hundreds of thousands to me?

That was not a figure of speech — I was dead serious.

See, in those crazy months after I quit my job, when I was working insane hours, I knew I didn’t have a huge safety margin. I was burning through my own life savings. 

So when I managed to land my first opportunity to run a campaign for a client, just a couple months after I started my business, I knew there was absolutely zero margin for error.

I realised I had to build a way to automate the processes I was responsible for: customer acquisition and attraction, nurturing, courtship, commitment and monetisation. 

I didn’t want to have to do it manually, because I just did NOT have the time or safety of taking my time to figure things out.

What I needed was a ‘system’ to get results for my clients — great leads, tons of business, a killer ROI — that I could manage from the top level, without having to spend hours I didn’t have on running every single part of it. 

So, using almost a decade’s worth of intellectual property I’d come up with...

I decided to build that ‘system’.

I used every lesson I’d learned over that time. 

I drew on years upon years of experience in every aspect of marketing and digital strategy. 

And I spent hours and hours in that tiny shoebox bedroom, sifting through the best of what I’d learned and deciding how I could use it.

Then, I put it all together to create this ‘blueprint’... 

...hoping that it would take care of the selling aspects automatically, and leave me free to take care of bigger things.

But when I executed it on that first project...

It generated a profit of $163,969.49 in just 34 days — an ROI of 2,738%!

It was an unbelievable success.

My clients were blown away. They expected me to deliver, but not THAT much. 

And even though I knew I had built it on some solid foundations — on the lessons that had cost me years to learn — I didn’t know it was going to work that well the first time ever.

Of course, there were a few creases I had to iron out. So I tweaked it a little bit, and fixed some things up.

And when I had the chance to test it again on the next project…

It brought in even more revenue.

On the next project, I managed to generate $235,009.49 of profit over the original spend in just 32 days.

facebook ad strategies

I couldn’t believe it. I’d actually cracked it — a marketing blueprint that was basically just like printing money for my clients. 

Maybe if it were a small profit… and I didn’t know what I was doing… and it’d only happened once… it might have been a fluke.

But generating over $400k in two separate campaigns? It was a field-tested system.

With 10 years of my learning and IP behind it, it wasn’t luck. I’d actually come up with something worth its weight in gold (if it actually weighed something, which it doesn’t, because it’s a digital blueprint 😊). 

And having that knowledge now… 

...has meant I’ve come a LONG way from that cramped little bedroom when I started.

Life After My “Automated Digital Marketing Blueprint”

If you’d told me a year ago where I would be today, there is absolutely no way I would have believed you.

In less than a year since I generated those incredible results from working in a shoebox, I’m now in my first big office, four times the size of my bedroom. 

(Even right now, as I’m talking to you, I’m my own new little space — and it’s fucking amazing.) 

My automated system still needs tinkering and supervision, but it’s as automated as it can be. And that cashflow frees me up to invest even more in my business and my products.

For example, the $1000 4K resolution camera I just got so I can make awesome videos for my audience. Or my new pimped out office. Or the cool LED lights in my office that affect the ambience in the space I have. Or my electronic sit/stand desks. Or my silly 34inch wide screen display mounted next to my sexy 5k Retina 27inch iMac...

A little bit of overkill? Definitely. 

Do I regret these purchases? Definitely not.

They’re all things I’ve wanted for ages, but I could never afford them. Having more cashflow now means I can invest in my business like this.

But the money isn’t everything. 

Personally, I’m happier, and I’m more fulfilled than I’ve ever been. 

I am now PUMPED about Monday mornings, although as you can probably guess… I am a MASSIVE geek haha. I wake up at 4.42am everyday which is a little crazy (in a good way)  

I literally work between 70-80 hours a week, from 5am until 6pm-7pm most days.

But I wouldn’t have the energy or the invigoration to get up and start smashing my day if I didn’t love what I do. And I absolutely fucking love what I do, because I’m working for myself and can pursue my passion 24/7/365. 

It’s the most liberating feeling I’ve ever had. 

And yeah, it’s hard at times, and sometimes I don’t sleep enough. But overall, the narrative is basically... 

I no longer have a "9-5".

Mondays excite me.

And I LOVE what I do now!

The thing is, I could work much less if I wanted. I could probably work 3 days a week, five or six hours a day, and be very comfortable financially. 

But it’s because I love it, and I want so much more, that I choose to work WAY MORE than I need to. 

And it’s the fact that it’s a choice — and I’m the one making that choice — which is the most powerful thing. 

I don’t have to get up at 5am tomorrow and start work. If I wanted to, I could get up at lunchtime, work 3 hours, and then go do whatever the fuck I want. 

And even better, 70% of the stuff that takes up my time isn’t even what I’m monetising! 

Everything that’s monetised is systemised and processed already… and that means I can spend most of my time working on my dream. 

Stuff like writing my book… or working on where I want to be in 2-3 years time… that I couldn’t do if I were knee-deep in worrying about where my next lead was going to come from.

Look... I’m not saying all this shit to boast. I just want to open your reality to what’s actually possible. And in a moment, I’ll show you how to do it for yourself. 

But the point I’m trying to make is this:

Once you have this blueprint taking care of the cashflow, you literally can do whatever you want.

Personally (because I’m Paul Ramondo), I want to work my face off to reach my goals, push the envelope and break down walls – because that’s what’s important to me. 

I want to buy myself a Tesla (for those playing at home, a Tesla is like my Porsche… my dream car). But more importantly... I want to help as many people as I can. Because that’s really what gets me off… I actually want to change the fucking world for the better.

Those are my goals.

But what’s important to me may not be what’s important to you.

Maybe you just want to be able to take your six-year-old to her first school play. 

Maybe you want the freedom to be completely unchained from your desk… so you can travel and see the world while literally running your business from your laptop.

marketing funnel travel
gary vee paul ramondo
paul ramondo usa trip 2016

Maybe you want to do all of that stereotypical YOLO shit … aka getting a baller car, having a luxurious lifestyle, flying first class (like in one of the “First Class Cabins” on A380’s they have these days), and travel the world while your business works for you.

Or maybe you just want to be a stay-at-home dad or mum, so you can experience those fleeting years of your kid’s life without being stuck at work. 

Regardless of what your goals look like... having your marketing on autopilot lets you stress less, stop working ‘in’ the business, and start working ‘on’ the business... so you can grow it to meet and achieve thise goals. 

(And I don’t care whether your goals are to have more money or to change the world. As long as they aren’t hurting anyone, and you’re not being a dick, I want to help you get them.)

And when you have a marketing blueprint for automated selling — and you know how to build marketing funnels that automatically get customers to love your brand and happily pay you because they trust you — you can get them. Easily.

So, do you remember how I said at the start of this page that I was going to tell you a “behind-the-scenes insight” about what you were doing now?

Well, here it is:

You’re inside my funnel right now.

online marketing funnel

Now you might have already heard me say that earlier on in the funnel. Or maybe you’re a dude who knows what’s up, and you know exactly what I'm up to... Or maybe you only just noticed.

Whichever it is, the fact that you are reading means you are experiencing my funnel from the inside right now. 

And that means you’re in one of two groups.

Most likely — like most of the people I’ll actively market this page to — you’re part of my most engaged audience. 

So probably, in order to get here, you had to jump through the series of hoops I built into my funnel over a 90+ day period, that tells me you are someone who is open to being presented with this offer. 

(I do that because if you’re not, I won’t waste my money in my ads presenting you with an offer you’ll never buy. That’s like playing the lottery, not to mention it’s stupid... I’m about making marketing smart… because when it’s smart, it’s profitable.)

And even though there may only be 100 people (out of thousands) who make it through this funnel, if you’re here, it’s very likely that you’re on-brand with Paul Ramondo. You follow me on Snapchat and Facebook, you’ve done my free course, you’ve bought my ebook. And now you’re reading my sales page.

I could have just offered some boring ads, a few bad lead magnets, and you’d never have come, even if my content at the end was world-class. But instead, here you are.

Or maybe none of that is you. 

Maybe you got in here just by a couple of clicks and you haven’t done any of that stuff. 

But that’s a part of my funnel too

...and the fact that you’re still reading 4000+ words into my sales page means I was spot on in targeting you with an ad, rather than someone who would’ve clicked away 10 minutes ago.

Either way, the fact that you are reading these words is proof that my system is working, and it’s laser-efficient in picking exactly the people who are interested in what I have to offer… and guiding them all the way through my funnel.

So I have a question for you:

Do you want to know how to do that to your customers?

Imagine what it would mean to be able to make your customers eager to jump through hoops, pay you bulk cash, and preach the gospel about your product.

You would have that freedom to do what you want, when you want.

You would have the peace of mind of not having to stress where your next lead was coming from.

You would have the cash flow to be able to leave your business on autopilot for a while, and go off on some crazy YOLO Contiki Tour of Europe or whatever you want to do.

And you would be able to do way more than that, if you had a blueprint like mine… and could build funnels that found customers delighted to pay you for your great products, and delivered them to your door.

What if you could go behind the scenes of that very sales funnel that has you reading right now? If you could get the exact blueprint that I’ve used myself to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, and that brought YOU all the way here?

I know I would have given anything to get my hands on that ten years ago. It would have cut my learning time by nearly a decade (and saved me over twenty five grand of uni debt for an degree that is practically irrelevant in a 2018 world). 

But there was just nothing like it, and there never has been… and with the landscape changing so quickly, even if there had been, it wouldn’t be relevant today.

But this year, for the first time, I spent months painstakingly putting literally everything I’ve learned together into one simple, easy-to-digest prototype course.

I ran tester after tester through a “Beta Version” and “Version 1.0” of this course, gathering insights, refining, and adding value at every point.

And I've tweaked and improved almost every single area of those prototypes to make version 2.0 the definitive course...

...that will take you from absolutely zero knowledge of digital funnels and marketing, to using the exact systems I used to generate tons of revenue like a total marketing ninja.

And if you’re still just running a side hustle, but haven’t made the jump from your office job, that’s OK too. 

If I’d had this course back when I was hesitating to make the leap, I could have quit in a heartbeat…

...knowing that I had everything I needed for success laid right out for me.

It really is a high-speed, fast-track roadmap from zero to automated online selling, built on the very best insights from a decade in online marketing.

And today, I want to share it with you.


The complete digital marketing blueprint for smart entrepreneurs, marketers & business owners who want the freedom, time and peace of mind of knowing that their business is generating revenue on autopilot… with minimal hands-on effort.

FUNNELS101 [2.0] is a 12-week HD video course consisting of 13 modules, each bursting with my very best insights from a decade’s work in digital marketing. Every module takes you through one hugely important piece of building your funnel, from absolute zero all the way to profit that’s (almost) completely automatic.  

You’ll learn exactly how to stop wasting time messing around with digital marketing that simply doesn’t work… by getting a foolproof, proven blueprint and strategy which will allow you to drive more traffic, capture more leads and generate more sales without going insane doing so.


What You'll Get

Included in every single FUNNELS101 [2.0] package is unlimited lifetime access to the 13 content-packed foundational modules that teach you almost everything there is to know about digital marketing and funnels. 

Here’s what you’ll learn...

[Module 1] Quick-Start’n’Cram Marketing Academy

Hop in the front seat and brace for impact, because you’re about to get the equivalent of a 4-year marketing degree in just minutes as I take you on a crash course in digital marketing funnels. Regardless of whether you’re a digital marketing newbie... or a digital marketing ninja... this module will provide you with the foundation and theory you'll need to build a successful digital marketing funnel that generates leads on autopilot. 

Specifically, you’ll learn: 

  • The secret little reason why most marketing fails — and what you can do to avoid it 
  • The unique, three stage technique I’ve used to attract, court and convert (literally) hundreds of thousands of new prospects into committing themselves (and their wallets) to either my clients or my own businesses over the past decade. 
  • How you can systematically design and implement “set and forget" processes which will reframe any objecting beliefs, resistance and challenges you may encounter from your audience... before you even CONSIDER selling something to them! 
  • And more... 

[Module 2] Planning Your Proposal

I hope you’re not nervous… because you’re about to drop a knee! In this module you’ll learn exactly how to prepare and price your product or service proposal to your audience in the RIGHT way… so I hope you have your 'diamond ring’ ready. 

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to reverse engineer what you think your business is selling... to uncover what you are ACTUALLY selling (and why your customers are buying it).
  • The three essential elements you MUST include in your proposal if you’re looking for your prospect to scream “YES!!!"
  • The simple (yet effective) pricing process I use personally to perfectly price my proposals and products, no matter what I’m selling.
  • And more...

[Module 3] The Relationship Escalator

It’s time to dial up the heat and start escalating your lukewarm prospects into fiery hot leads. In this module you’ll learn exactly what a relationship escalator is, why they have the ability to 10x the profit of your business, and how you can create your very own without losing your mind doing so. 

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How the big boys (brands) have used relationship escalators to acquire YOU as a customer in the past (without you even knowing).
  • The 10 Laws of Relationship Escalators... and why they MUST be followed if you want to dominate your digital marketing.
  • The five fundamental questions you have to ask to discover the PERFECT relationship escalator for your business.
  • And more...

[Module 4] The Magnet of Attraction

Imagine what your business would look like if you could magnetise and convert customers in the same way Leonardo DiCaprio attracts and dates Victoria’s Secret models… That’d be pretty dope right? Well in this module, I’m going to teach you exactly how to do just that… so you’ll never have to worry about your lead generation ever again. 

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How the “experts” and “gurus” magnetise and attract so many leads to their business, they simply can’t keep up with demand… and how YOU can do it too.
  • The "10 Laws of Attraction” and why they MUST be followed in order to put your lead generation on autopilot.
  • How to effortlessly discover the “elevator pitch” for your business... and repurpose it into automatic lead generation for your business.
  • And more...

[Module 5] The Landing Page

We all know you can take someone on the most AMAZING first date of their life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to sleep with you. In this module, you’ll learn exactly how to convert the prospect you’ve just attracted into a prospect that’s ready to be wow’ed and courted before they even consider a commitment to your business. 

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The low down on landing pages, and why pretty much everyone is doing them wrong...
  • The 11 Laws of Landing Pages and why they MUST be followed if you want your prospects to even consider the notion of committing to your business and purchasing.
  • How to create, build and install your very first landing page in less than 10 minutes (even if you have ZERO experience in web design or development)!
  • And more...

[Module 6] The Thank You Page

My mum always taught me to say please and thank you, no excuses, period. And whilst my mum doesn’t know too much about digital marketing, she’d be proud to see I’ve dedicated an ENTIRE MODULE to this principle — because it’s that important.

Specifically, this module will teach you:

  • The 411 on ACTUALLY being genuine, expressing gratitude and thanking your customers through bespoke and dedicated thank you pages.
  • The who, what, how and when to use specific thank you pages (and when not to!)
  • How to quickly and painlessly create, build and install your very first thank you page in even less time than it took you to build your landing page (even if you have ZERO experience in web design or development).
  • And more...

[Module 7] The Perfect Proposal Page

I love it when a good plan comes together... especially when you know how well it’s going to work. In this module, you’ll finally be able to take the proposal you planned out in Module 2, and present it to the world to see. 

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The core concepts of “The Perfect Proposal”, and why not knowing them will cost you more money than you can imagine.
  • The 'birds and the bees’ and what they’re doing behind the scenes of your proposal page (here’s a hint… it’s not what you’d expect).
  • The secret sauce to upsells and downsells your competitors don’t want you knowing about… 
  • How to halve the creation process of your proposal page... while doubling your potential conversion rate!
  • And more...

[Module 8] The Anti-Dude Move Method

Are you pulling the “19 year-old dude move” on all of your prospects? 

In other words... is your business that dude hitting on the first girl he sees at the bar… already asking her to come home with him after 2 minutes of lacklustre conversation? 

In the same way this “19 year-old dude move” is an express ticket to a bunch of tissues, a handful of lotion and a lonely night, your business’s approach to lead generation and sales is an express ticket to the barren land of missed opportunities and a lack of sales. Why? 


Just like 99% of girls are not ready to sleep with a guy who pulls the “19 year-old dude move” at the bar… 99% of your prospects are not ready to buy from you the second they learn about your business. 

In this module you’ll learn how to create content that will romance your prospects towards a sale. 

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why your content is arguably one of THE MOST important aspects of your digital marketing funnel (and how getting it wrong will not only increase the cost of your advertising, but also decrease your total sales).
  • How to use my “Anti-Dude Move Method” to discovering, planning and creating content and telling stories that your audience will actually care about (and want to consume)!
  • How to map out, create and allocate the right content to your different audiences (and why this is essential to achieving inexpensive clicks).
  • And more...

[Module 9] Serious Sequencing Strategies

In Module 8, we established that a lack of romance between your business and your prospects is “an express ticket to a bunch of tissues, a handful of lotion and a lonely night”.

That’s why, in Module 9, you’ll learn:

  • A series of serious sequencing strategies that will help you "scale the unscalable" and build, personal, "1-on-1" relationships using email marketing (even if you don’t have an email marketing platform or email marketing list yet)!
  • The in’s and out’s of email marketing theory, technology, sequencing, automations (and all of those other over hyped buzzwords you’ve probably heard… I’ll make them so simple you could explain them to your mum).
  • How to map your email marketing sequence to the different stages of your funnel easily and efficiently (no more trawling Google looking for the miracle answers).
  • And more...

[Module 10] Connect. Plug. Play.

We’re now approaching the business end of the course (no pun intended). And this is where things start to get REALLY interesting (and super fun). In this module, the pieces of the digital marketing funnel puzzle we’ve been working on up to this point will finally come together! Meaning, by the end of this module… you’ll have the primary foundation of your digital marketing funnel connected, automated and ready to deliver to your audience. 

Specifically, you��ll learn:

  • How each module you’ve worked on thus far fits and connects together effortlessly (remember… you’ve already done all of the hard work!)
  • Exactly how to set up, integrate and automate the delivery of your lead magnets from your landing page (even if you don’t have an email marketing platform or experience in web design or development!)
  • How to automate many different aspects of your funnel by watching over my shoulder as I take you through the process step-by-step...
  • Exactly how to connect and automate the flow of traffic through your landing, thank you, relationship escalator and proposal pages (so you don’t lose your mind trying to do it without my help!) 
  • And more...

[Module 11] The Sherlock Solution To Analytics & Tracking

It’s time to summon our inner detective, because this module will teach you the ins and outs of tracking, analytics and measuring the performance of your digital marketing funnel. Don’t stress if you’re not a tech head or if “this kind of stuff” makes your head spin, because I’ve got your back and will show you just how easy it really is! 

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why tracking pixels and data driven insights are the “John Watson” to your Sherlock Holmes investigation of how people are performing inside your funnel.
  • Exactly how to set up these tracking pixels in minutes (not hours) so you can start tracking everything from visits to leads to the value of your sales right down to the exact cent (even if you don’t have any experience in web design or development!)
  • A handful of tips and hacks you can use to test your digital marketing funnel before it goes live (this lesson alone will save you hours of frustration, stress and potentially 10’s of 1000’s of dollars by helping you outline and solve problems BEFORE they occur!)
  • And more...

[Module 12] Targeting & Traffic Generation

Now that your funnel is ready to rock and roll on its first night out on the town… All that’s missing is traffic! 

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to actually discover and target the right audiences (so you don’t waste your time and money on people who will never buy from you)
  • How to map your paid traffic campaigns to your goals and the different stages of your funnel (and target people so accurately they’ll never see an ad that’s not relevant to them)...
  • How to deploy and test your paid traffic campaigns without WASTING your time or money (this is BY FAR one of the biggest challenges people experience in online marketing, and I’m going to walk you right through it).
  • The paid traffic generation secrets, hacks, tips and processes I used to generate $251,374.87 of sales from $16,365.38 in 32 days and $163,969.49 of sales from a $5,989.09 ad spend in 34 days (just this lesson could be an entire course by itself!)
  • And more...

[Module 13] Reporting, Optimising & Scaling Your Funnel

Now you’ve got a bunch of paid traffic rolling through your funnel… it’s time to report on its exact performance so we can begin to optimise and iterate. This will allow you to start driving your profitability north while driving your expenses south. (Don’t be fooled into thinking this is the ‘boring’ part. This is where the excitement really happens... and where the BIG profits are made.)

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How I optimise the front and back end of every single funnel I work on to maximise return and minimise costs (based on a decade’s worth of experience)
  • My preferred reporting methods, metrics and KPI’s… and exactly how to set them up and automate them.
  • And more...

The FUNNELS101 [2.0] course is fully online, so you can take it wherever and whenever you like. On the train, at the gym, in lunch breaks at your boring office job, even in the shower (but even though FUNNELS101 is very good, I don’t recommend you go that far). It’s designed to fit in with your life.

Plus, you get lifetime access to the entire course — so you can do it totally at your own pace. Don’t worry if you miss a day or have to pause because of workload or going on holiday. FUNNELS101 [2.0] will be ready for you to pick right back up. 

And that’s not all of it, because I’ve also loaded FUNNELS101 [2.0] with as many valuable bonuses as I possibly could. 


Here's what else you get:

Bonus #1: Free Updates For Life

The market’s changing, and no matter how much experience you have, it’s always going to be you starting from zero in some way. But I’m going to take it that you don’t really want to spend your career reading about the latest social media tactics or how Instagram is adding new advertising options. 

That’s OK — because I love doing that stuff. And that’s why when you buy a subscription to FUNNELS101 [2.0] you will get free updates for life. Like actually, you get the latest and greatest without paying a cent. So if technology changes rapidly, and I need to update FUNNELS101 [2.0] to keep up, you’ll get instant access to that new version too. Totally free.

Bonus #2: Exclusive Private Mastermind

An exclusive online community where you can network with all F101 students (past and present) who are committed to achieving success in their life and business.

Bonus #3: Cheat Sheets, Blueprints, Swipe Files & More! 

As a FUNNELS101 student, you'll enjoy exclusive access to all of my Cheat Sheets, Blueprints + Plug n' Play Templates & Swipe Files so you can save time and hit the ground running. This means your business's sales and lead generation system will be up and running WAY FASTER, and with WAY LESS headaches. 

Plus, for those who just want to go above and beyond, and accelerate their results like crazy, I’ve put together some optional bonus modules that are just too cool for school...


Optional Bonus Modules

You know how I said there was only 13 modules? There were, until I decided to just go above and beyond… and create two entire BONUS modules to add even MORE value for you.

These are what I like to call ‘force multiplier’ modules. It’s like when you’re playing Pokemon cards or some shit like that. (You played Pokemon as a kid, right? Or maybe you jumped on the Pokemon GO bandwagon ;) 

Basically, they take the super valuable insights you learned in the first 13 modules… and just amplify the results to insane levels of profit, efficiency and productivity. Check ‘em out:

[Module 14] Profit Maximisation & Delegation 

This bonus module will teach you how to: 

  • Create systems, processes and even additional products to maximise your business’s profitability (and how to effortlessly integrate them into your existing funnel) 
  • Effectively delegate your future digital marketing to others so you can get back to focusing on working ON your business, not IN it! (This is highly advanced material that has the potential to explode your business’s growth if used correctly!)
  • How to leverage geographic arbitrage to automate the most mundane tasks and time wasters (freeing you up for the really valuable tasks in your business).

[Module 15] Time Savers & Efficiency Hacks

This bonus module will show you:

  • How to leverage inexpensive technology to automate the most mundane tasks and time wasters (freeing you up for the really valuable tasks in your business). 
  • The low-cost solution I discovered that lets you put the whole process of optimising, reporting and scaling your funnel on autopilot. 
  • My complete library of every single plugin, tool, system, software, hardware, book and platform I use to build killer digital marketing funnels, run my business and live a happy and fulfilled life of purpose and passion (this bonus alone will save you ridiculous amounts of time!)


Proof That FUNNELS101 Works

For proof that this system works, I want you to take another quick look at the screenshots of the results I got while using it the very first time (before I tweaked, refined and improved it)...

And here's an example of what happened when I implemented Funnels101 only a few months later...

facebook ad strategies

Those are real screenshots from two real campaigns I ran late last year and earlier this year.

My client was happy for me to share these baller results, but wasn't happy for me to disclose their company's name (which makes sense... given they are in one of the most competitive ecommerce industries in Australia...)

Regardless, the proof is right there for you to see.


Testimonials From Leading Industry Experts

"I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting Paul at the very start of his entrepreneurial journey… At least six months prior to him even starting his first company.

Over the past two years, I’ve witnessed the inner workings of Paul’s mind, spirit and unsurpassed passion to help others dominate their digital marketing first hand. Not to mention, I’ve seen just how much he lives, breathes and obsesses over the world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship as both an elite practitioner as well as a teacher and mentor to others.

Probably Paul's best asset though - even in business - is his kindness. He has always been very supportive of my work and if I have asked him for something he has happily obliged where he could.

But he has also shown that willingness and kindness in many clients of mine that I have referred to him. It makes referring him clients much easier when I know that he will take great care with them on my behalf.

I have worked at both Facebook and Twitter, which means when I want to partner with someone in the digital marketing space, people notice who that partner is. And I am very happy for them to notice that I am partnered with Paul Ramondo."

Nick Bowditch

TEDx Speaker, Serial Entreprenuer, Writer & The Only Person In The World To Work In Marketing at both Facebook & Twitter

nick bowditch
michael sloggett

“So Paul asked me to write a testimonial for him… But honestly, I would need fucking James Cameron, four other Directors and a team of 700 to properly sum him up and do him justice. That’s because… this kid is not only insane when it comes to generating massive returns from digital marketing, online lead generation and ecommerce… but he is also one of the nicest and most genuine dudes out there. I wouldn’t ever consider trusting my digital marketing to anyone else but Paul.”

Michael Sloggett

CEO & Founder of Second To None Nutrition

"Paul is quite simply the best when it comes to anything digital, combined with out of the box thinking. If you want a blend of entrepreneurialism, true creativity, next generation ideas and results, then Paul is without doubt your answer."

Chris Riddell

Ex Chief Digital Officer at Mars®, Futurist & International Keynote Speaker

chris riddell
Siddharth Bharath

"Unlike all the other 'experts' out there, Paul actually knows what he's talking about. He lives and breathes digital marketing and isn't trying to sell you anything. If Paul is talking to you about digital marketing, you listen."

Siddharth Bharath

VP of Growth, Thinkific

Finally, if you’re on this page, you’ve probably already read my material, bought my super-bargain ebook, and see the content I share. 

You already know I aim to make the best content out there on digital marketing… and that I live up to that goal.

And let me promise you: FUNNELS101 [2.0] delivers the goods. I give you my word on that.


Who should NOT join FUNNELS101?

I know, I just spent a few thousand words telling you why FUNNELS101 is so great. 

But a huge part of my brand is trust, and I want to make sure that you know what you’re getting into. So FUNNELS101 is not for you if…

You don’t have a business at all. 

It’s fine if you’ve got a side project you’re just dabbling in. But if you haven’t got anything, my genuine recommendation is not to start with FUNNELS101. Instead, use my free content, get your hands dirty a bit, and start testing a side hustle. Funnels101 will be waiting for you when you’re ready — and it’ll be heaps more valuable then.

You think that this course will automatically double your profits overnight. 

Don’t get me wrong… it can more than double your profits, if you follow my recommendations and you’re diligent, patient and selling a good product. But if I promised it’d make you rich overnight, I’d be a scammer. This is a blueprint — not a get-rich-quick scheme.

You aren’t willing to try new things in your marketing. It’s very likely that I’ll be showing you some things that are totally new to you, and some mistakes you may have been making. Your marketing right now might be all the “buy my shit” variety. Don’t worry, I don’t judge. But you have to trust me and at least try my recommendations. If you’re not willing to do that, you won’t get the most out of Funnels101.

You’re not selling an honest product that helps people. 

I can sum it up this way: Don’t Be A Dick. I am going to teach you some very, very powerful tactics in this course. As you’ve seen, they have the potential to be worth six or even seven figures to you. But for that reason, I need you to make a commitment to me that you are selling a good product that adds value to other people, not some scam that’s just there to make you rich. And if I find that anyone is using my material to run a business that hurts people somehow, I will revoke their access and ban them from my courses for life. This material can help you make money ethically as well as unethically — so there’s just no need.

Who SHOULD join?

FUNNELS101 [2.0] is for you if…

You’re an entrepreneur, marketer, blogger or business owner with big, crazy dreams.

If you have bold dreams for your business, Funnels101 will show you how to achieve them while your the basics are taken care of in the background. If you want to travel the world, enjoy your life, and generally just YOLO while your business generates cashflow on autopilot, FUNNELS101 will help you do that too. Whatever you want to do, I can show you how to do it in this course.

You are willing to trust the system I am going to teach you. 

FUNNELS101 WILL get you results — if you follow the blueprint I’ve laid out for you. And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in the game for years or if you feel overwhelmed or out of your depth from a technological point of view. Either way, the system will work for you. I’ve designed it to be useful to total newbies and social media veterans alike — but you have to trust and follow the steps I’m going to lay out for you.

You know me and know that my content works. 

Of course, you don’t HAVE to already know me for this to work for you. But if you do, and you’ve tested some of the hacks or tactics I give away for free on my site and in my emails, you should have a pretty good idea that I know what I’m talking about. FUNNELS101 is no exception — in fact, it’s much better than the material I give away.

You recognise that this is a blueprint, not a magic bullet. 

Trust me, when you follow the roadmap I’ve laid out for you in FUNNELS101, and you see the results it will bring your business, you might think it’s magic. But it will take time and a little bit of effort to get those results. If you’re a smart dude, and you realise this, you’re going to love this course. 

Finally, if you’re on this page, chances are you've read a lot of my material already, bought my super-value-packed ebook, and have already learnt from the content which I continue to share for free.

You already know I aim to make the best content out there on digital marketing… and that I live up to that goal.

And if there's one thing I can promise you... 

FUNNELS101 [2.0] delivers the goods. I give you my word on that.



Do I have to know anything before I take FUNNELS101?

No! Relax bruz, I’ve got your back. I literally assume you know nothing, and we will go over the basics. (Of course, I don’t think you actually don’t know anything, but I will cover everything from the ground up.) It’s a cumulative course, and every step will build on what I’ve taught you before, so you won’t be left behind.

I already have a degree/some idea about marketing. Is this course too basic for me?

No way. Even though I’ll cover the basics, the strategies I’m going to teach you are advanced techniques that I’ve used with some of the world’s top brands like Porsche and Red Bull, and I guarantee you’ll learn something in this course that will make it worth your while. So even if you know marketing or have a degree, I will be showing you how to repurpose what you know and make it way more powerful in a changing world.

I already took a course on digital marketing a few years back. Why do I need this?

It’s 2018 now, and the market is changing. Like I said before: you are ALWAYS going to be starting from zero in some way. And the tactics that worked in 2011 are just ancient in 2018. That’s why FUNNELS101 comes with a free subscription to any and all future updates, for life — without paying a cent.

What if I fall behind on the course?

No problems at all. FUNNELS101 comes with lifetime access — so no matter how far behind you fall, it’ll always be there waiting for you to catch up.

What are your other options?

I won’t pretend FUNNELS101 is the only way you could learn digital marketing. It’s not.

But I’m so confident that FUNNELS101 is the best and smartest way to learn digital marketing for a 2018 world... that I’ll even tell you what your other choices are, and let you decide for yourself. (Like I said, I’m all about honesty and transparency 😊)

Here’s your other options:

Option #1: Take one of the ‘big-name’ marketing courses.

It’d be bad sportsmanship to name names here, and I’m not like that… but there are some big-name companies in this field who give you a pretty raw deal.

One in particular sells a ‘funnels’ product… but they don’t give you any of the execution stuff. 

They’ll tell you how to build a funnel, give you swipe files, provide templates, and focus on the ‘theoretical’ roadmap you need to follow to make it work. 

But then they’ll skim one of the most important aspects: the technical execution of all the theory you learned. And that’s where the real return is. 

To get that, you need to purchase their ‘recurring revenue’ product… and if you go through all of that, they’ll try get you to invest in their super high ticket item (which ironically is part of their funnel’s strategy which they have executed inside their funnel… #infunnelception).

Look, that’s all smart marketing, and it’s very profitable. That is the kind of thing I will teach you how to do (if you want) — but it’s not what I’ll do to you. 

Because wouldn’t you fucking expect that if you’re paying something like 1 to 2k for a course, they teach you everything — not onsell you onto another program? 

I’m not gonna do that. If you’re paying good money for this course, I’m gonna give you everything. 

I’ll hold your hand, and let you look over my shoulder as you watch me build my own funnel (which you’re in right now). You’ll basically see behind the scenes what you’re seeing now from a customer perspective — and I’ll show you how to do all of it. 

I won’t upsell you. With FUNNELS101, I’m literally giving you everything. Just turn the key and start driving. 

Option #2: Buy another similar-looking marketing funnels product.

You can also find a bunch of other ‘funnels’ courses on the web that might contain some of the content I’ve packed into Funnels101, that aren’t from one of the big-name brands.

Obviously I can’t talk about every single one of them. But what I can say is that if you’re here, you probably know my brand. 

You know that I’m using proven techniques that have generated hundreds of thousands (you’ve seen two case studies), as well as helping hundreds of people dominate their digital marketing and build successful businesses. You know the quality of the material I give away free. You know that I’m actually here looking out for you in the long run, not to make a quick buck off you.

Also, you know I’m not a get-rich-quick marketer. I’m the dude you could run into at the bar and have a few drinks with, and who would tell you straight if something wasn’t right for you.

So you know that FUNNELS101 [2.0] is going to be some of the best stuff you can find anywhere.

I genuinely believe there is not a single product out there that offers the value and content I have stuffed into this course at anywhere near the price I am offering it at — let alone material that I’ve personally used myself to make six figures in revenue in a month.

But that’s exactly what you get in FUNNELS101 [2.0].

Besides, who would you rather trust to teach you the secrets of marketing? A random internet marketer with a slick sales page? 

Or someone whose marketing funnel you’re in right now… and whose sales page is so good you’ve read almost through to the end?

Option #3: Get a marketing or business degree.

I did this, but I absolutely do not recommend it as a learning method.

Everything I learned at uni about marketing was just irrelevant to the real world. The uni I attended has a great business school, whatever. 

But no disrespect to them, in my humble opinion, it was way out of touch. 

Marketing changes WAY faster than university. It’s constantly evolving, and business degrees simply cannot keep up. (I remember having to learn how to fold paper in an envelope so people see your sales flyer the right way. Are you fucking kidding me?) 

As someone who has got one of these fancy pieces of paper, let me tell you straight: a degree is time-consuming, expensive, and not relevant at all to how businesses need to market themselves in a 2018 world.

Option #4: Hire someone to setup and manage your digital marketing funnels for you.

This is a great option — if you can afford it.

Any marketer worth their fee knows that they can charge crazy high rates — because their work is so valuable to any business. 

(Personally, I charge more than $550/hr for my time, and I’ll be raising that soon. And to get me to build and deploy a basic funnel for you would cost upwards of $14,500.)

That means that the people you can afford… aren’t very good.

And also, you won’t ever be able to grow your business to the point where you can afford to hire a good marketer to manage your funnels… without having a good grasp of it yourself!

Make no mistake — this is not one of the tasks you should be paying someone else to do right now. This is the high-value stuff that you should be paying money and skipping low-value tasks to learn. 

Investing in a course like Funnels101 to learn it will pay off 100x over the life of your business — and if you ever do need to hire someone, you’ll know exactly what you need from them.

Option #5: Figure it all out yourself.

This seems like the simplest, cheapest option of any of them… but it’s actually the HARDEST and MOST EXPENSIVE.

Let me explain.

Many people (myself included) try to bootstrap their way to a solution by connecting bits and pieces from everywhere online, trying to hack their knowledge together.

While this may not cost you any money, what it is ironically costing you is your opportunity cost of time. (Remember my Lesson #1 above?)

This is because your lack of real action, and time wasted trying to “figure it out by yourself”, ends up putting you in a position where you still haven’t been able to generate new leads or actually monetise your business / product / service using digital marketing — because you’re still learning what to do. 

And if you’re like most people (me included), you’re probably a perfectionist… so you’ll basically just go around in circles and never get anything done, meaning zero sales, frustration, stress and being overwhelmed.

I know many people who have actually spent money on ads (e.g. Facebook ads) and got sweet fuck all from it… so they just tell themselves that “digital marketing doesn’t work”, and they miss out on the HUGE opportunities involved.

Please don’t be that guy. 


The Best Investment You Ever Made In Your Business

I’m not “just trying to persuade you to buy my course”. Those are my honest, heartfelt reasons why I believe that none of those options are really a good choice for a new marketer.

If I could meet myself from a few years ago, and I stood to gain nothing from recommending one option over another, I would recommend Funnels101 in a heartbeat.

The small amount you invest in this course will MORE than pay off in time, stress, energy and money saved.

Because honestly, FUNNELS101 [2.0] — not including the bonuses I’ve stacked on, which themselves are worth thousands — would be easily worth $20k to your business... this year. 

And next year. And the year after that. And the year after that.

In fact, as an investment, twenty grand would be a steal.

But this course is not for huge chunky firms with massive bank accounts. (I’ve worked for those guys, but that’s not who Funnels101 is for.)

I’m after the dreamers — the people with audacious goals and plans to change the world, like I have.

And I know that, even though this course would have been worth over seven figures to me, there is just no way I could’ve afforded $20k to invest in myself… so I won’t even charge you half of that.

But not only is it one of the highest ROI investments you’ll ever make… but unlike all the options above, it’s also absolutely the least risky. Because I’m offering you…

Your Risk Free, 30 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I have poured everything I have learned into making FUNNELS101 [2.0] the very best course on the market — and I’m so confident that it’s hands-down the best investment you ever made in your business, that I’m offering you 30 days to try the course — at my risk.

That means you can go through the ENTIRE COURSE before deciding whether it’s right for you… and in the meantime, you’re seeing some of the very best material in existence on digital marketing.

And if it doesn’t work? Just email me and show me you followed the course and I'll refund you every cent you paid, right away. 

Yes, I’m guaranteeing this course with is the money that pays my bills and puts food on the table. But I’m not really risking it, because I know this course works.

Either way, you get an incredibly fair deal… and I think it’s safe to say that you will never have an investment with such a high ROI and yet zero risk as FUNNELS101 [2.0].


Which FUNNELS101 [2.0] Option Is Right For You?

I’m offering three different tiers of FUNNELS101 [2.0] — so that absolutely everyone has access to a tier that suits where they’re at.

- Complete 13 Module Course

- Exclusive Private Mastermind

- Cheat Sheets & Blueprints

- Access To Standard Affiliate Program

- Complete 13 Module Course

- Complete Funnel Review

- 2 x High Value Bonus Modules

- Exclusive Private Mastermind

- Cheat Sheets & Blueprints

- Plug'n'Play Swipes & Templates

- Access To Standard Affiliate Program

- Complete 13 Module Course

- Personal 1 on 1 Intensive Sessions with Paul Ramondo

- Complete Funnel Review by Paul Ramondo

- 2 x High Value Bonus Modules 

- Exclusive Private Mastermind

- Cheat Sheets & Blueprints

- Plug'n'Play Swipes & Templates

- Access To Standard Affiliate Program

Testimonials From Past Students 

"Paul has set an exceptionally high bar for digital marketing resources with FUNNELS101 [2.0]. The content presented is so thorough and detailed, while at the same time delivered in a way that makes it crystal clear for marketers at all stages of their business. There is no doubt that Paul knows his stuff, and I am so impressed at the depth he has gone to in each module while providing feedback and support to his community along the way. 

I will be recommending FUNNELS101 [2.0] to any entrepreneur or business owner I know with confidence that they will see results thanks to the content in this course."

Clint Salter

CEO at Dance Studio Owners Association

"In a marketing degree, it’s challenging to find classes that are topic specific and content heavy, let alone cases and examples that are timely with the dynamism of social media. After graduating I wanted to find a means to enhance my social media marketing knowledge and skills. FUNNELS101 [2.0] is a fundamental building block for anyone who already is, or plans to leverage digital marketing funnels to generate qualified leads and sales for their business online.

Paul makes a conscious effort in each class to ensure his students can independently produce effective and efficient funnels in the future. The course’s in depth, easy to follow content on Lead Magnets, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Facebook Ads, SplIt Testing, Retargeting, Analytics (and so much more) makes the process of learning and then implementing a pleasure.”

Terra Tormey

Marketing & PR Graduate, The University of Notre Dame (Australia)

"The first thing I feel like I should mention is that right off the bat, I got A LOT of value from Paul even before I took out my credit card. When you get into his marketing funnel (which is exactly what he teaches) you first learn and get loads of value from his blog posts. Then you get into the free mini-course – which by itself, taught me the value of the Facebook Pixel and how to use it.

So by the time I had the option to get into the FUNNELS101 Beta Course, I knew it would be awesome (because if I was getting that much value for free already, there must be a heck of a lot more value inside when I actually pay). 

In general, FUNNELS101 is awesome course. It’s extremely practical and easy to follow, and it takes you through the whole process of building your marketing funnel from start to finish (even if you’ve never built one before). I believe every single business owner on the planet that’s serious about generating leads and sales online should enrol in FUNNELS101… or at the very least, enrol their marketing staff in this program. 

As you progress through the Modules, Paul helps you to clearly understand both WHAT you should be doing and WHY you have to do it. I've always believed that understanding the why is the most important thing because once you understand ‘why’ - you can then translate this understanding into other areas of marketing.

Thanks to Paul and FUNNELS101, I’ve learnt so much about marketing funnels and how fundamental they are to succeeding in a 2018 world and beyond. One of the most valuable things I’ve learnt is how to escalate a cold prospective customer (at the beginning of your funnel) and convert them into a sale (at the end of your funnel) without being sleazy or pushy in the process. I’ve learnt that good marketing is not about “Boosting a Facebook Post” or running some PPC Ads on Google AdWords – anyone can do that – but good marketing is actually about understanding your customer, listening to them, and most importantly, giving them value before EVER asking for something in return." 

How did you find Paul as a teacher?

"Truly, I think Paul is an awesome teacher. Mainly because he’s genuinely interested in teaching you the valuable stuff. And he's always ready to answer your questions and help out. He even checks on you from time to time without you contacting him. And obviously, he has the knowledge, experience and results to back it all up. Paul is definitely someone you can trust and I’ve really enjoyed learning from him.

Overall, I 100% recommend this course to anyone that is looking to sell anything using this thing we call internet. And I’m not sugar coating this at all, I do honestly believe that becoming a student in FUNNELS101 and learning from Paul is a MUST for any business that’s serious about succeeding online and in general." 

Manuel Felipe Larrazábal

CEO at Manany's